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Remediation with Rockpanel

Rationalisation of Rockpanel offering in the UK


Design freedom

You can make any design dream come true with Rockpanel. When designing a building, you don’t want materials to limit your creativity. We believe in creating products that help and inspire you to bring your design to a whole new level. That’s why we offer you freedom of design, with over 200 colours and designs, engraving and bending. Whatever you choose, we can help you make your façade one of a kind. ​



Whether prolonged and intense sun exposure, snow, frost or continuous rain: a high-quality facade must always withstand the elements both visually and mechanically. With Rockpanel you can rely on boards that are colour and UV- resistance, insensitive to moisture, low maintenance and dirt-resistant.​



In an event of a fire, Rockpanel panels do not cause the fire to spread. The Euroclass-classification of all Rockpanel products is based on testing, with non-combustible stone wool insulation. Safety comes first. No compromises.​



As Rockpanel boards are robust yet flexible and light-weight, the panels are easy to mount. And it can all be done with standard tools such as hand saws, circular saws, jigsaws and drills. Rockpanel boards can also be mounted in many different ways: from screws, rivets, clips and invisible fixings.​



We believe that building materials should have as little impact as possible on the environment. But how do we contribute to this? Rockpanel cladding is made from non-depletable volcanic rock and recycled material. This makes our products naturally firesafe, durable and recyclable.