rockpanel ease of use

A further benefit of Rockpanel boards is that it retains its shape no matter of the atmospheric conditions and sudden changes in temperature. This allows the panels to be applied seamlessly under specific conditions. This allows the panels to be applied seamlessly under certain conditions:

  • Only for use around the roof, such as to finish guttering, for fascia boards and rooflines
  • Up to a maximum length of 15 meters
  • A timber sub-frame is used with vertical slats to prevent the sub-frame from warping
  • The timber is protected by using gaskets on the sub-frame for all joints
  • Dilatation joints are used throughout the Rockpanel construction
  • Only applicable with light colours
Single Family House with Rockpanel Uni in Ertvelde, Belgium

Our Rockpanel Colours (without ProtectPlus) and Rockpanel Uni boards can be used in specific non-ventilated structures. In situations where the preconditions can easily be fulfilled, for example as infill panels and dormers, the total thickness of the construction is suitable for insulation which leads to a higher U-value.

This makes Rockpanel Colours (without ProtectPlus) and Rockpanel Uni very suitable for specific renovation projects. This means that you can:

  • create additional space for thicker, more effective insulation
  • narrow the structure using the same thickness of insulation
  • install without the need to remove or replace the existing structure under certain conditions


Unventilated application of Rockpanel Colours (excl. PP) and Rockpanel Uni