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Every building has been created with a vision to tell its own story. As the saying goes ‘never judge a book by its cover’ – well in our case you can do just that! Because the story comes to life when your building is using Rockpanel facades.

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Case study Bovenkarspel - Netherland
Rockpanel Colour - RAL 060 50 30 en RAL 7012
Residential - Blocks of flats
03 Jan 2022

Architectural challenge for rapid build project in the Netherlands

In Bovenkarspel (NL), a new building project consisting of 24 energy-neutral social housing units was completed in a short space of time. An unusual project, because the units were built on the existing foundations. TBE-ZA, a Dutch architectural office from Volendam was responsible for the design, in which they incorporated the innovative ROCKWOOL® Rockzero wall system and Rockpanel facade cladding.

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Rockpanel Case Study
Single family home
Rockpanel Woods Rhinestone Oak
Residential - Single family houses
06 Dec 2021

Traditional farmhouse contrasts with sleek and modern extension

Now that working from home has rapidly become a permanent feature of life, more and more people in the Netherlands are building an extension to their home. However, you will not often come across such an unusual extension as the one built to Eric Manders' house in Bathmen. Eric is Business Director at Rockpanel and, as such, there was no doubt in his mind about the selection of the materials he wanted to use for the facade of his new home office. The Rockpanel Woods facade panels, which are vertically installed in three different widths, give the extension a sleek and modern look and feel that matches perfectly with the traditional farmhouse.

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Case Study Børnehaven Smilehullet
Rockpanel Colours
RAL9010 604 8
Special colours: 
NCS s 3010-Y30R
NCS s 3020-Y30R
Public - Kindergartens
18 Nov 2021

Playful Rockpanel facade design for Smilehullet day-care centre in Denmark

The facade of the new Smilehullet day-care centre in Beder, a small town just south of Aarhus (DK), stimulates play and creativity. The compact new building has windows of different heights and is equipped with robust facade panels in three earthy colours that add a creative touch. The design and layout of the former building, which housed the after-school centre, were also used for Beder's new Smilehullet day-care centre, which is now open for children and parents to enjoy.

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Case Study Luton Campus
Rockpanel Metals
White Aluminium and Grey Aluminium + custom colour matched options (from old Brilliant range)
Residential - Blocks of flats

Rockpanel is the solution to facade issues at future proof Luton Campus

The University of Bedfordshire’s Luton Campus has been completely re-dressed in a stunning mix of Rockpanel External facades, providing beautiful, fire-safe, future proof accommodation for thousands of students.

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Rockpanel Case Study
Bromley Beacon Academy UK
Rockpanel Woods
Rockpanel Woods Ceramic Oak
Rockpanel Woods Rhinestone oak
Rockpanel Woods Marble Oak)
Rockpanel Colours RAL 13 50 30
Rockpanel Colours RAL 130 80 20
Rockpanel Colours RAL 100 90 20
Public - Schools / Universities
18 Nov 2021

Rockpanel adds to ‘life-changing transformation’ at Bromley Beacon Academy

Due to years of underinvestment in resources and infrastructure, the building was in poor condition and had received an unfavourable Ofsted report. In response, an interim executive board was set up to manage the school and change its fortunes. Rockpanel Woods | Rockpanel Colours | Renovation

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Rockpanel Woods 
Case study Valburg Nederland
Commercial - Shopping centres

Lively Rockpanel Woods facade makes multifunctional centre fit in its surroundings

In Valburg (The Netherlands), a village of under 2000 inhabitants, a brand new multifunctional centre was built. The centre, named ‘t Knooppunt, is quite large and could easily fit in an urban environment. By using an ingenious pattern of four Rockpanel Woods designs for the cladding, alternating with black lines, the architects managed to make it fit perfectly into its surroundings.

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