Constructed in the nineteen sixties as part of the Tustin Estate, Ambleside, Grasmere and Windermere are 20 storey blocks of flats in need of complete renovation. Rockpanel external cladding systems have given the trio safe, efficient contemporary facades which shimmer and shine. 

Planning and feasibility. 

Property owners, Southwark Council, engaged Engie Regeneration as Design and Build Contractor, who in turn appointed architects and surveyors Blakeney Leigh to initiate and lead the £35million development. 

At this point the buildings had several serious issues. These included rainwater ingress, failed and dilapidated pointing, cavity trays and decayed concrete. These issues had resulted in condensation, drafts and heat loss which doubtless was affecting the health and wellbeing of those living there. 

Used products:

Rockpanel Chameleon
Rockpanel Colours RAL 7035

“Due to the fact that the residents would be living in their homes throughout the renovations, communication was key. Main Contractor Engie Regeneration and everyone involved in the construction process worked hard to maintain good rapport and ensure each step of the process was understood by those it concerned the most. Installers Rayell received very positive reports on their day-to day interaction with residents. We were particularly impressed with the colour changing qualities of Chameleon and there was great support and engagement from the Rockpanel team.” -Project Designers Blakeney Leigh.
“This was a challenging but very rewarding installation. We worked closely with each of the trades on-site and interacted with residents so that everyone was kept informed. Rob Shirville and the Rockpanel team offered expert guideance and made sure the correct materials were delivered at the right time. All concerned are very satisfied with the completed renovations and we are looking forward to embarking on similar projects very soon.” -Ray Ellingford of installers Rayell.
Rockpanel Case Study
Rockpanel Chameleon

Used products: