Aesthetics, durability, resistance to fire and to the elements: the white aluminum and grey Rockpanel facade boards at the Hyperion tower in Bordeaux (France) stand out as a manifesto. The 57-metre-high tower, which has 16 floors, is the tallest wooden construction in France to date and is full of innovative features. Designed by the Viguier Architecture Urbanisme Paysage agency, it emerges from a set of four buildings and consists of 100 housing units that enclose a central concrete core. The cantilevered balconies in a structure from wood and steel are truly unique for buildings of this height.

Used products:

Rockpanel Metals White Aluminium


Project information :

Client: Eiffage Immobilier  
Real estate development: Woodeum 
Project manager: Viguier Architecture Urbanism Landscape 
Design offices: Terrel, Setec, Cetab Ingénierie, Aïda Acoustique, Efectis, Vulcaneo 
General contractor: Eiffage Construction 
Used products: Metals White Aluminium & Colours RAL 7039 

Used products: