Primary school De Tassche in Ardooie (Belgium) has been struggling with a problem for a while. The building had no clear entrance and also lacked a reception area. In the extension project, led by Architecten Groep III, an old monastery building was replaced by a brand new school section. Gold-coloured Rockpanel Metals boards contribute to the visibility of the school and leads scholars, teachers and visitors to the right place. 

Extension project for primary school 

As the architects from Architects Group III had previously led a limited renovation project for the school already, their thorough knowledge of the building enabled them to develop a suitable vision for the new extension project. The new build volume contains a clear entrance hall that functions as a reception area and houses sanitary facilities for the staff, a teachers' room, boardroom and four classroomswhich are linked two by two in order to enable co-teaching. 

Used products:

Rockpanel Metals Custom Design


Project information:

Project: Primary school de Tassche
Location: Krommestraat 2 8850 Ardooie (BE)
Architect: Groep III Architecten
Installation: Algemene timmer- en Schrijnwerken Christ Blanquart
Products used: Rockpanel Metals Custom design

Used products: